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We are professional manufacturer of Ceramic crafts. Recently, the hottest sale product is ceramic ocarina.


We have developed several new designs so far, which have exported to European countries and the United States. As you can see, we are engaged in this product for many years, and they are favored by a large group of customers.


Although, it belongs to popular musical instrument, the ocarina has many advantages. It is easy to learn, even the person who is without the music basis can brow out a satisfactory song after a short period of practice.  The learning cost of this instrument is very low, because you can learn it by yourself only by downloading a sound spectrogram from Internet (see below).


The ocarina can be divided into six holes, nine holes, twelve holes, etc.  Following are some designs for reference.  Customized shapes are warmly welcomed.




It is really reasonable in price. If you have any inquiry, we will be here and serve for you.  Thank you.

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